Maryann Manelski, the founder of 52 Women, is available on Long Island and in the NYC metro area, to provide media services to campaigns in need.  Whether your campaign is an issue advocacy campaign or a campaign for political office, Maryann provides everyone from the novice to the seasoned campaigner with valuable insights and media support in order to craft and deliver your most effective message.  She gives you the quality assets and presentation necessary to raise your confidence, inspire donations and support, AND earn the ever-important callback from journalists.

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On Camera Coaching ($300)

In one 2-hour session, you’ll learn how to speak to camera, how to position yourself physically, and how to phrase your answers so you will be both effective and become a “Media Darling,” i.e.  One of those candidates/politicians that media producers and journalists regularly call because you know how to sit for an interview and can give producers what they need.

Speechwriting/Talking Point Development ($150/hr)

Maryann will look at your website, your available media appearances, your opponents’ website and available media appearances, AND the issues in your district and help you identify where the holes are in your pitch and stump speeches.  This process will develop your talking points so you can always pivot to YOUR issues.  It will more tightly coordinate what you say on the stump and in interviews with what your media says and keep your messaging focused.  You’ll learn to more quickly deny the premise of a question in order to keep the focus on your issues.  And, most importantly, you’ll develop an accessible platform that encourages the media to ask you what you want to answer.

Full Video Production  (Introduction Films and TV/Online Advertising)

Production of short films (2-4 minutes long) range in price from $5,000 t0 $12,000.  Production includes scripting, shooting, full post-production (editing, sound mixing, color correction and fx) AND licensing/clearances of stock footage, music and photos (unless you have very specific stock music/photo requests.)   An introductory film is a must for every winning candidate now.   We recommend that you take a look below at some of the best of the best introductory films from this year to see what a fully produced film can do for you.

TV and Online Ads (:30-:60-:90 seconds) range in price greatly from as little as $600
to almost the cost of a short film.  Pricing depends on whether your ad requires shooting, voiceover recording or can be made from existing footage AND the length of your turnaround time (in the last weeks of a campaign or when current events require urgent response, overnight editing/extensive overtime can occur.)

Contact us to discuss your aspirations and requirements and we’ll offer you various budget and production options.  All production agreements between your campaign and 52 Women will be laid out in a 1 page memo in advance of work commencing.

And here’s one of our fine local Long Island campaigns in action:

…And here’s incumbent Lee Zeldin in his original campaign film. Although Lee’s got six different Democrats vying to unseat him, none of them have challenged his media domination!