Author & Filmmaker Maryann Breschard

MARYANN BRESCHARD is a writer, producer and director.   She is best known for her feature documentary, Running in High Heels, which followed the story of a disasterous and divisive political aspirant akin to Sarah Palin - well before Sarah Palin exploded onto the national stage.   The film explores the behaviors and criterias women use in both supporting and criticizing other women and how those affect their current political and economic state.   It argues that women do not need to rise up but to instead wake up and free themselves from stereotypes -- but not their femininity!  Running in High Heels premiered in 2006 and continues to play on college campuses across the country. 

Her book, American Catfight:  Political Wisdom for Women & Other Thoughts Towards Feminine Statecraft for the 21st Century, continues the discussion of women's true will to independence, equality and power by provoking with humor habitual stances and conditioned thinking.   As with Running in High Heels, it charms women to change their thinking and push useless paradigms aside by turning widely-held presumptions upside down.

Maryann was born in the harbor town of Port Jefferson, NY. Her fifth great-grandfather was Louis-Francois, the Count of Achun, for whom the French Revolution did not work out so well.   Upon arriving in America afterwards, the newly untitled Breschards became half of the Breschard & Pepin Circus which is widely believed to be the first circus in the United States.    In 1806, the Breschard family founded the oldest theatre in America, the Walnut Street Theatre, which still operates today.   During the venue's early era, the now-famous Barrymores were stagehands in the employ of the Breschards...but as with the Revolution, things for the family went awry... Maryann, untitled and happy to have her head, currently resides in New York City.

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